Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Meaning of Easter

This past week I have been trying to get Leighton into the Easter spirit. We had so much fun with egg hunts, an Easter party, and dyeing eggs. If any holiday would be her favorite, it would be Easter. Ever since this girl was little she has had an obsession with eggs. Getting to play with them and find them has been a dream come true. We might just end up doing egg activities for the rest of the year. P.S. I totally made that adorable gold egg shirt she has on. I am serious when i say we were in the hippity hoppity easter bunnyrific spirit.

I was so excited for all the holiday eggcitement that i didn't spend much time talking to her about the real meaning of Easter at all. Okay to be honest i didn't spend anytime talking about it. Sarah challenged me in her last letter to do the #becauseofhim on instagram, which i did and I loved my small moments i took each day to reflect on all that i have been blessed with because of the savior.

Last night i laid in bed and thought about what i wanted to post about Easter. What it really meant to me, what spending all this time with the girls means, and why we celebrate this blessed holiday. I really lost sight of what is important, not that dying ombre eggs and dipping strawberries to look like carrots isn't...but the resurrection of Jesus Christ just is so much more. This holiday is really about our savior and that he died for us and lived again. I am somewhat amazed at how there are two huge holidays devoted to a man that not everyone believes in but almost everyone seems to celebrate. How wonderful is the message that seems to be hiding along with all those eggs? 

If you have not seen this movie yet, provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, then please watch it. I could not describe in a better way what is real and possible because of this man and his actions that we celebrate on this Easter Sunday.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another Year At The Fair

I have probably posted about the fair every year since i started this blog. Obviously it is a mandatory event if you grew up in Moapa Valley and still live somewhat close to home. In the past it had always been kind of like a town reunion, it was fun to go and run into people from high school and play the quick catch up game. Now it is fun to go and explore all the new and exciting things with my girls. 

To say Leighton was in heaven would be an understatement. The fair is made for kids like her, the adventurous, animal loving, don't care if they are dirty but want to wear a denim dress type. I am now convinced we should live on a farm to properly raise this girl. She would always be entertained if we had chickens, goats, pigs and horses around for her to chase and take care of. 

Poor Emersyn got a little neglected (doesn't she always) since i was so busy chasing Leighton around. But I think she still enjoyed a change of scenery and all the people watching she did. 

Experiences like these are what make small town life so appealing. That and the fact that Kaden and I enjoyed the rural activities we were involved in growing up. For now i am happy with where we are and the life we are living. Spending time as a family, really is what is most important. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Land of the free?

We tend to believe that we live in the country that is known as the land of the free. Is it though? Are we the people free? Is our land free? Both. Neither? At this moment the small rural area that i grew up in is fighting for their freedom, for what is their constitutional right and what could only end up being the first of many similar circumstances through out the country. 

Nevada is a state full of ranchers. The valley that i grew up in is full of hardworking people who tend to stick to the professions their ancestors started when they moved to the Muddy area. In the valley just north of Moapa Valley, Bunkerville and Mesquite, there is a man whose livestock are being stollen by the federal government. The fight has been going on for years, almost twenty. I have heard bits and pieces of it since moving to Logandale 11 years ago. The short version of the fight was that Cliven Bundy quit paying his BLM fees once the BLM began buying out ranchers and quit helping them, his family has ranched this land since the 1800's and the BLM supposedly needed his cattle gone in order to save the desert tortoise. Now they are rounding up his cattle, selling them and shutting down a huge amount of the public land between the Moapa and Bunkerville valleys. 

The government now has brought in hired cowboys, rangers, snipers, and helicopters to round up and sell all of Bundy's cattle. I think that the best way to show what is actually happening in this small community is through these videos. 

I could not feel more proud to have been raised in a town filled with people willing to stand up for what is right, and for what is theirs. But i also could not be more sad, maybe even scared by how disgusting the federal government has handled this situation and for what? I think this article might be spot on. All that I am really wondering right now... When do the hunger games begin? 

Sunshine and Smiles

The Sun finally decided to grace us with its presents and not only has it been bright and sunny, but it has been warm too. I feel like all this nice weather deserves one big happy dance. Luckily Leighton agreed and spent the afternoon dancing away in the backyard. 

Its amazing how good a little sunshine is for the soul. Last week i started feeling really down on myself and couldn't seem to shake the creeping depressed feelings that were coming over me. Luckily Monday came with a big yellow circle in the sky, a morning run, lots of positive instagram posts and most importantly happy baby smiles. It was a great recipe for some serious low self worth blues. I am not exactly sure why i have felt this way lately but i really am glad that this week has been so much better. 

I love the feeling of sunshine on my face, the sound of the girls laughing, and the sight of my beautiful daughters enjoying  a bright and sunny day. I hope this weather stays, i hope my positive mood stays (im trying very hard to keep it) and i hope my girls never stop smiling. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

I look forward to spring as soon as Christmas is past and that is quite a wait. It is finally here! At least for the most part and Easter is only a few weeks away. One of my favorite traditions that i have started with for the girls buying them brand new easter dresses. I always loved my frilly little dresses when i was little and hope my girls feel the same way. This years search for the perfect dresses was not easy. Everything seemed to look exactly like last years or was way to casual. 

Here are a my favorites for both the girls and me. Enjoy!

1. old navy 2. zara 3. zara 4. gap 5. gap 6. old navy 7. zara 8. gap
Well of course all four of these are from Anthropologie

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Motherly Advice {Love More}

Earlier this week a friend told me how horrible she felt for snapping at her daughter. I had to Laugh, has she ever met Leighton? The poor girl gets snapped at daily. Honestly we are lucky if I don't shut myself away for a moment so I don't throw her across the room. 

I told her welcome to the club of Toddler moms and didn't think much of it. Until last night. I cuddled with Leighton and thought for a long time about the difference in Leightons good days and bad. I thought about  how i compare my children and its not fare that i do. Then i thought about how Kaden and I feel about our place within our families. 

I hate to admit it, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. I just need to love more. Both of my babies are loving  and sweet, just in different ways. To communicate with Leighton successfully i need to do it in a loving manor, but in a way that she considers loving, not me. I really need to read Love Language book again and figure out exactly what hers are. But for now Instead of being angry or fighting with her, I am going to work on teaching her and letting her know how absolutely loved she is. 

This doesnt only work for toddlers going through their terrible twos though, love is something everyone wants to feel. Maybe your having a rough time with your spouse, a sibling, or friend. Just make sure they know how much you love them. It never hurts to love more.

Monday, March 31, 2014


Two is kind of a magical word. Leighton is a very free spirited little girl and when people would ask how old she was they would give me an odd look whenever i said 18 months, or 22 months. Now when i say she is 2, i get a look of understanding and empathy all at the same time. Magic i tell you.

Life would not be half as exciting as it is, with out this wild child in our home. I don't even know how to describe the feelings i have about her being another year older already. She is exploding with words, both real and made up. She loves to be big and loud. She is one of those children that just sucks up attention and demands it. Although she can be very overwhelming you can't help but love her. The second this girl gets tired she wants mom or dad or mamma or dada or laura or daddy. (yes, she calls me laura) I wish the world for this girl. I hope that as she grows she learn how to be a good friend and great sister. I hope she can feel how adored she is and more than that, how loved she is.

Leighton's favorite things consist of the movie frozen, her Anna doll, purses, dresses, freshly picked moccs, boots, and the park. She has became a very picky eater but will eat basically anything for Grandma Nancy. She still hasn't given up her bottle, but we are working on it, as well as potty training. Her favorite animal is fish or bish as she says it. Leighton loves to spend time with her family, visiting Grandma Nancy's is the high light of her week and getting spoiled by Auntie May May is something she is missing already since Sarah left on her mission last week. Papa is one of her best friends, she has always been close with my dad and lights up the second she knows we are visiting him or he walks into our home.

I am excited for this year, to watch Leighton accomplish all of the new milestones that she is heading towards. But i am so sad that my baby is a toddler and growing so quickly. Leighton has kept us on our toes since day one so there is no reason this year wont be any different. We love her so much. We honestly can't imagine her being any different than she is and we truly feel blessed to have such a beautiful, curious, and high maintenance two year old.